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Metanoia; the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self ANd way of life 
We are experts in creating the right conditions for organizations in growth and development. 
Metanoia Advisors are the organizational consultants who contribute to prosperous organizations that create sustainable effects for the benefit of employees, customers, society and the ecology. We do this by offering expertise that supports development, change and natural leadership.
Please contact us at or +46707127724 if you are curious about how we can collaborate for a better world.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to unleash the potential of organizations and people for a long term sustainable development.

Overarching focus 

We guide organizations towards healthy and conscious value creation through a shift from mechanical principles and machine thinking to organic principles and ecosystem thinking.
This film (link) represents our holistic view of change and the movements, of organizations, individuals and, by extension, societies, that we want to support and be a part of.

Our guiding principles

A purpose easily takes on something powerful, heavy and serious, so even in our case. We do not want to wash this away, we are serious. At the same time, we strongly believe in promoting playfulness and joy in everyday life, the seriousness is still there. That is why we have coined some playful and guiding principles, a manifesto, which will help us on the common journey towards our purpose.
Squirrels before quarrels - Cooperation and co-creation for the common purpose takes precedence over district thinking, competition and competition.
Relationship before a heavy ship - People and relationships go before tools and processes. Organic precedes mechanical.
A jam before a plan - Focus on resolving emergent and emerging tensions as well as embracing change takes precedence over following a set plan.
Crazy interaction before lazy inaction - Action, experiments and experiences take precedence over bureaucracy and documentation.

How do we do?

We are your advisor, coach, lecturer, critical friend, mentor, facilitator and leader in transformation, change and sustainable development. Our ambition is to be your natural speaking partner and house consultant.

Consulting services we offer - 7 examples

1. Interim solutions
We are happy to support your organization and your leaders in various interim assignments. We take assignments as interim sustainability manager, organization developer, CEO and board member. All interim roles we undertake are part-time assignments.
2. Methods and toolbox for agile and organic organizing
Are you  interested in agile working methods and are curious about how to create an entire organization that to a greater extent applies self-government and self-organizing? Many people discuss this, but often it ends up as complicated and difficult.
The good news is that we have developed a toolbox that will help you to, quickly and easily, get started with the exploration of agile and organic principles, right down to the foundations of your organization. We make the difficult easy.
The research in this area is distinct. Complexity needs to be embraced by simplicity and a tendency to change. There is a need in a great ability to navigate in uncertainty and to adjust when required.
Is this the next step for your organization?
3. Lectures and seminars
We offer lectures, seminars and experiences within our whole business area. Two specific seminars that we offer are "Strategic sustainability in organizations" and "Tomorrow's organizations for sustainable success".
4. Increase the complex intelligence of your teams
Have you ever experienced flow in a group or a team of which you have been a part? Maybe it was in a sports team, at your workplace or in a group of friends? When one plus one becomes slightly larger than three.
In this block, we offer training and concrete tools to increase learning and the complex intelligence of your teams and groups. It is often called collective intelligence, but we think that complex intelligence is more suitable; something amazing is happening in our interactions and at the same time we can not rationally understand why. The complex intelligence strikes. All of a sudden, you can hit a pass from a blind spot, which sits perfectly on your teammate's foot. The team has more courage and suddenly dares to fail to succeed.
We help you and your teams develop this sense of flow for greater results.
5. Management team meeting 3.0
Suitable for management teams, boards, operational teams and working groups.
Do you have challenges in coming to decisions in your meetings, do you easily get caught up in discussions, opinions and consensus seeking? Then Decision Meeting 3.0 is the alternative for you.
Do you have the will and courage to challenge yourself and test a crystal clear meeting structure (incl. facilitation) that promotes faster, more grounded and braver decisions? At the same time as you resolve tensions and prevent potential conflicts in the group?
Try Management Team Meeting 3.0. Contact us for a design that meets your needs.
6. Unconference 3.0 - a contemporary development conference
Our unconference is based on a participant-driven process based on where you as a group and individuals are right now, there and then. We work together with the needs and desires that are allowed to emerge under safe and well-structured conditions. Conditions where you can confidently lean towards a clear structure and an honest, authentic facilitation and coaching.
A great advantage of the conference is that despite minimal preparation, you will work your way forward based on quick, well-established and courageous decisions that at the same time support your drive and propensity for change.
7. Metanoia find-muck workshop
This is a workshop that opens your senses and puts preconceived notions and obstacles aside.
"Find-muck means; when it gets to complex for your brain to rationally understand"
Maybe it's high time to leave certain norms, routines, principles, mindsets, behaviors and/or, rituals behind your organization?
We leave the rational brain and recognize where you as an organization stand today and what you dream of being. We help you look at yourself through a new lens, a new perspective. The workshop is about helping you explore your own potential, your own answers and identify the movement/change you dream of. The workshop is not about us convincing you of something, it is you and your organization who are in focus.

Our evolutionary metaphor

Our evolutionary metaphor is our worldview, that is, with what eyes we look at ourselves and at the world around us.
"A seed is sown. A seed that needs care, water, nutrients and sunlight to survive, thrive and evolve. This seed has the potential of becoming a colourful flower. A flower among other flowers on a beautiful meadow, a meadow amongst other beautiful meadows. The flower withers and the decomposition sets in. Something rots and disappears and at the same moment something new is born. Many new seeds have been sown."

Stories about us and our customers

Below you can read some short stories from ourselves and some of our customers. The section is under construction and more stories will follow.
Cristian Sjövind, Metanoia Advisor and CEO
"I am happy and grateful that I have taken the chance to guide Metanoia Advisors into the future. In my fortune teller, I see a bright future where we, together with others, have made an important impression. An impression where more organizations and people are balanced and sustainable in its core and soul. A place where ecology and ecosystem thinking have a natural place in our hearts and our society. We have made a strong contribution to the fact that the organic paradigm is now the norm for leadership and organization throughout society, and that mechanistic structures and machine thinking are on the verge of extinction "
To get to know Cristian better, follow to his LinkedIn profile.
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Our services

Our services may be divided  into three main areas: 1. Leadership training, 2. Organizational training and 3. Consultancy. Read below to know more about these services.
Leadership training

Right now we are working on a unique leadership training which is  accomplished in symbiosis with nature. It is alled called "Green leadership  in change. Please join our introduction webinar at the 12th of November by following the link. (in swedish)

Grönt ledarskap i förändring

Organizational training

Evolve and Sustain is our transformational development program for organizations. The program supports you and your organization, small or big, towards better conditions for profitability, well being, personal development and growth. Read more about the program by following the link. (in swedish)

Evolve and Sustain


We offer services within leadership and organizational development. Our focus is especially on organizational conditions for sustainable development. Usually we hold roles as advisor, coach, lecturer, critical friend, mentor, facilitator or leader in transformation and change projects.

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